Yoga in the morning is the perfect way to unwind your body and open your mind before starting your day. I don’t know about you, but the way I sleep, all curled up and cozy, leaves me waking up with tight muscles in need of a good stretch. I taught this 45-min Vinyasa flow on a recent Sunday morning to a group of friends looking to jump start the last day of their weekend. It’ll fill your soul, stretch your limbs, and connect you to your breath, that life force that powers your body as you move through your day.

Props needed: Yoga mat and block, if desired

(you are a healer) by yung pueblo

it may have taken a long time,
but in the end it did not matter.
after much healing through
self-observation she now had
strength, she now had courage,
and the wisdom to wield her new
magic with virtue. no longer did
she run from her pain or her
troubles, no longer did she allow
delusions to capture her mind, no
longer did she doubt that the greatest
healer she has ever met is her own
unconditional love.

I chose the this poem, (you are a healer) by yung pueblo to close today’s morning yoga flow class because I believe that we are all healers in our own right. I have experienced great personal healing over the past year or two, and it all came from within, not without. The love we each have within us is unconditional and ever present, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Turn inward and tap into your own love when you are feeling vulnerable. It is always there.

Morning yoga class notes: