This yoga flow is designed to give you stress relief. Through chest and heart openers and deep hip stretches, we’ll unwind your body and your mind to de-stress and release. Stress is a common occurrence in everyday life, but it doesn’t have to linger in your limbs. You can let it go by moving your body through vinyasa yoga, and find relief from daily stressors with this hour-long yoga flow:

How does yoga help with stress?

Yoga is ideal for relieving stress because it focuses on relaxing and releasing the muscles of the body. When we feel stress, we tend to tense our muscles, which can cause tightness and soreness. When we unwind with yoga, we feel stress relief as our muscles loosen and lengthen, bringing more space and openness into our joints and limbs.

Move with the breath to experience relief

If you want to get the most stress relief possible out of your yoga practice, remember to always flow with your breath. Yoga without breath is just exercise. I show you in this video how to practice Ujjayi breath, or ocean breath, the key to breathing deeply and from the diaphragm. This style of breathing, from deep in the belly, can help to increase concentration, release tension throughout the body, and promote overall stress relief. Incorporating breathing exercises like those I show here into your yoga practice and daily routine will help to reduce your stress overall and give you the relief you’re seeking.

Yoga for stress relief class notes: